My name is John Norman. I am the founding partner of Prospex Promotions, Inc. home of! I am a husband, father, grandfather and entrepreneur, with a passion for building relationships that last. Over 18 years ago my wife, Laura, and I saw a huge need for helping businesses and sales professionals easily and affordably “thank” their customers for choosing to do business with them. Investing in existing clients and customers has proven to be much more productive and rewarding than always running after new prospects.

Our goal is simple; we are here to help you exceed your customers’ expectations. When you exceed your clients’ expectations they will respond in 3 ways. They will return as repeat customers, they will spend more than they did previously, and they will refer their friends, family and co-workers to do business with you! This is a sweet recipe for growing your business year after year.

Every month we send out thousands of gift boxes for hundreds of businesses that know cookies and corporate branded gifts change the way their customers think, feel and talk. It’s a powerful way to build your brand (corporate or personal), and “if you’re not branding, you’re not building!”Partner with us and you will quickly see how easy it is to exceed your customers’ expectations. “Gifting”is an art, and we have perfected it. You will be amazed at the response you receive from your customers! Contact us TODAY!


John Norman

Founder/Managing Partner
Prospex Promotions, Inc.
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