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Selling Real Estate: Tips For the Agent

By June 6, 2016 June 15th, 2016 Real Estate

Selling real estate is far from easy. It’s often even harder to sell other people’s properties. Of course, selling real estate for others is one of the biggest jobs of a real estate agent. Every real estate agent, no matter how long they’ve been in the business, can always improve a little more. New agents have even more room to grow. Because of the nature of the business, the smallest things can mean the difference between failure and success. Here are a few helpful tips for selling more real estate.

Be responsive

This is one of the most important qualities of a great real estate agent. No matter what marketing methods you use, the potential buyer will almost always be the one to initiate contact. Whether they contact you through e-mail, phone, or some other method, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. If you receive the contact during a weekday, respond immediately if at all possible. Even during the evenings or over the weekends, try to stay connected, and do your best to respond within five to ten minutes. So much of the real estate world follows the “first come, first served” system. Even a five-minute delay in your response can allow another agent to sneak in and steal your sale.

Some agents set up automatic responses. This will send a prewritten response to anyone who sends you an e-mail. Although this idea is worth considering, be aware that these types of e-mails can be very impersonal, and can also be frustrating in some cases.

Be personal

No one wants to talk to a computer. The more friendly you are, the more people will want to work with you. Get to know their situation as much as you can. Remember everything they tell you about their life, whether or not it is related to real estate. People are more likely to buy something, even real estate, from someone they consider to be a friend.

Be flexible

Potential buyers will also appreciate flexibility. This is especially true when it comes to viewing properties. As much as you can, be willing to help people out during evenings and weekends. People will understand if you have other appointments, of course, but if you’re free, offer to meet potential buyers whenever is convenient for them.

Thorough communication

Obviously, you don’t want to annoy your clients, but keeping buyers posted about a property they are interested in isn’t likely to annoy them. Most buyers will appreciate any information you give them, even if it comes often. Another great way to make sure you stay on your buyers’ good sides is to be personal with your communication. Sending a list of properties available to everyone on your e-mail list will only get you marked as spam, but letting one or two buyers know separately that a house similar to what they’re looking for is on the market will be appreciated.

It’s also good to be available through whatever method the buyer contacts you. If they call you, call them back, but if they e-mail, be willing to communicate as much as possible through e-mail.

Use the internet

This is another very important thing to pay attention to. Make sure you are using the internet to its full potential. Post any properties for sale on appropriate websites. Make sure to build your own website if you haven’t already, and take steps to insure that it appears at the top of search results. People look for properties in all sorts of ways. Make sure you’re available to help no matter where they start.

Looking for more real estate sales tips? Contact us! We’re here to help.

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