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Real Estate Marketing Tips: Reaching Out To “For Sale By Owner” Cases

By September 21, 2016 Real Estate
real estate marketing tips

As a real estate agent, you may have run into home owners that think they can do what you do. An ever-increasing number of homes are being put on the market as “for sale by owner,” which means no agent is helping set the value of the home or finding a buyer for them.

This “can do” spirit is admirable, but successfully selling a home requires a lot more work than putting a sign up in the yard. Reaching these people and marketing yourself as a successful realtor can help you not only successfully market yourself, but give them the chance to sell their home.

Visit Them At Their Home

Before knocking on potential customer doors like a traveling salesman, call up the customers (most will include a number on their sign) and discuss who you are and how you can help them sell their house. Try to pin-point owners of homes that you’ve seen on the market for several months. These customers are more likely to be open to help.

Ask to come and visit the house, if they are open to it, and sit down with them to have an honest talk. The idea here is to sell your skills as a realtor and find a way to sell their house successfully.

Discuss The Benefits Of A Realtor

When you’re sitting down with your potential clients, go over the many benefits that a realtor offers to them. Include benefits like the following to give them a feel for how you:

  • Reach out to potential buyers out of the community
  • Haggle for prices successfully
  • Suggest improvements that can increase home value
  • Handle the legal legwork that is necessary when selling a home
  • Increase the chance of quickly selling the home

Don’t press the issue excessively or make promises that seem unrealistic. For example, don’t claim that realtors “guarantee” a sale for a ridiculously high amount. Just honestly assess what you offer.

Bring Paperwork That Backs Up Your Claim

Most people are going to want evidence that you are successful, so bring some paperwork that proves it. Receipts from past sales (with the names of the buyers and sellers blacked out) gives them the chance to see just how much money you’ve gotten out of property in the past.

You could also include evidence of your licensing, real estate classes you may have finished, or rave reviews from past customers. The last one might actually hold a lot of weight with some people, especially if they know anyone you’ve worked with in the past.

Get Quick Results

If the sellers are interested in using your services, you need to do right by them as quickly as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t rush to sell their house simply to get it off the market, but time is of the essence. Work hard to find them a buyer who is willing to pay their price.

This might require visiting with potential buyers, traveling across the country, haggling over price, and helping everyone come to a decision that works for all the parties. Making the process quick, and easy, for your customer makes them happy and more likely to turn to you in the future.

This simple process will help maximize your marketing reach and increase your customer base. Successfully selling a home is the best way to show off your skills, so make sure that you put your money where you mouth is with these formerly cynical sellers and find them a dream deal.

If you have any more questions about real estate marketing, or simply need a friendly ear that will listen, please reach out to us today. We can help you maximize your real estate success.

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