4 Real Estate Sales Tips You Need To Know

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While the motto of “Always Be Closing” is good to keep in mind, it’s important to remember there’s more to selling real estate than a can-do attitude. Of course, if you keep some of these tips from Realtor For Dummies, and InMan in mind, you’re going to see a lot more houses finding new owners under your watch.

4 Real Estate Sales Tips You Need to Know

Tip #1: Match Your Client To Their Ideal Property

Every client is different, and it’s your job to figure out who they are, and what they need. You need to be able to draw the details out of your clients to find out what will satisfy their needs. Do they have a certain budget they can’t go outside of? Do they have a family? Are they looking for a place that’s local, or somewhere that’s a little more remote and private? If you want to make a sale, then you need to show your clients something that fits their needs to a T. Even if it’s just someone who shows up at an open house, talk to them. Even if the current house isn’t to their liking, you might have a different property that’s just what they need.

Tip #2: Get Online

In the old days, shoe leather and hand shaking were some of your best tools. While they’re still useful today, you’ll make more sales if you get online. You need to have a website, but you should also make yourself as easy to reach as possible. Get on social media, network with clients, and make sure that you’re easy to find. In today’s market it’s entirely possible for you to seal a deal without actually meeting someone until it’s time to sign the papers.

Tip #3: Learn The Neighborhood, As Well As The Property

People who move into an area want to know what they’re getting into. As such, you need to be able to quote more than just the statistics about the property. You need to know what sort of neighborhood it’s in. That means knowing where the schools are, what events happen, how close the shops are, what they weather tends to be like, and even knowing the neighbors someone is going to have. If you can talk about a property like you’ve lived there, you’re one step closer to selling it.

Tip #4: Earn Your Clients’ Trust

A big part of making a sale is realizing that your clients are buying you, just as surely as they’re buying a property. That means you have to do everything to make your client feel at ease, and you have to make yourself look and sound like an expert. Part of that comes from getting the facts about any properties you’re selling, so you can be an engaging tour guide for your client. Your appearance, your tone of voice, and your ability to keep up your end of commitments (doing what you say you’re going to do) all factor into how much your client trusts you.

Without that trust, you are never going to be able to close a sale.

Being a real estate agent isn’t easy. It takes time, dedication, and a constant need to be closing. But if you can keep up with the pace, and earn your clients’ trust, there’s no limit to how high your success can reach. For more real estate sales tips to help you fulfill your potential, all you have to do is contact us today.

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Real Estate Marketing Tips: Reaching Out To “For Sale By Owner” Cases

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As a real estate agent, you may have run into home owners that think they can do what you do. An ever-increasing number of homes are being put on the market as “for sale by owner,” which means no agent is helping set the value of the home or finding a buyer for them.

This “can do” spirit is admirable, but successfully selling a home requires a lot more work than putting a sign up in the yard. Reaching these people and marketing yourself as a successful realtor can help you not only successfully market yourself, but give them the chance to sell their home.

Visit Them At Their Home

Before knocking on potential customer doors like a traveling salesman, call up the customers (most will include a number on their sign) and discuss who you are and how you can help them sell their house. Try to pin-point owners of homes that you’ve seen on the market for several months. These customers are more likely to be open to help.

Ask to come and visit the house, if they are open to it, and sit down with them to have an honest talk. The idea here is to sell your skills as a realtor and find a way to sell their house successfully.

Discuss The Benefits Of A Realtor

When you’re sitting down with your potential clients, go over the many benefits that a realtor offers to them. Include benefits like the following to give them a feel for how you:

  • Reach out to potential buyers out of the community
  • Haggle for prices successfully
  • Suggest improvements that can increase home value
  • Handle the legal legwork that is necessary when selling a home
  • Increase the chance of quickly selling the home

Don’t press the issue excessively or make promises that seem unrealistic. For example, don’t claim that realtors “guarantee” a sale for a ridiculously high amount. Just honestly assess what you offer.

Bring Paperwork That Backs Up Your Claim

Most people are going to want evidence that you are successful, so bring some paperwork that proves it. Receipts from past sales (with the names of the buyers and sellers blacked out) gives them the chance to see just how much money you’ve gotten out of property in the past.

You could also include evidence of your licensing, real estate classes you may have finished, or rave reviews from past customers. The last one might actually hold a lot of weight with some people, especially if they know anyone you’ve worked with in the past.

Get Quick Results

If the sellers are interested in using your services, you need to do right by them as quickly as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t rush to sell their house simply to get it off the market, but time is of the essence. Work hard to find them a buyer who is willing to pay their price.

This might require visiting with potential buyers, traveling across the country, haggling over price, and helping everyone come to a decision that works for all the parties. Making the process quick, and easy, for your customer makes them happy and more likely to turn to you in the future.

This simple process will help maximize your marketing reach and increase your customer base. Successfully selling a home is the best way to show off your skills, so make sure that you put your money where you mouth is with these formerly cynical sellers and find them a dream deal.

If you have any more questions about real estate marketing, or simply need a friendly ear that will listen, please reach out to us today. We can help you maximize your real estate success.

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The Biggest Sales Tip for Real Estate Agents to Sell More Houses

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Most real estate agents work with buyers, especially when they first start out in the business. Many agents know that they will spend a lot of time showing properties to people. Some of them buy, some never buy, some buy eventually, and some buy after they have lost contact, and begin to work with a different agent.

The biggest tip for selling more houses, is only to work with buyers who are ready, willing, able – and committed. It seems like a tall order, but if agents have a system for only working with the right buyers, they are likely to spend more of their time mainly working with the right buyers. No system is perfect, but when they use this system, they will sell more houses. Let’s look at how many agents work, then at how really successful agents do it.

A Typical Scenario

Your phone rings because someone saw your yard sign, your ad, or something you put out on social media. Or they walk into one of your open houses. You have the usual polite conversation. You ask more about their interests, needs, etc. Then, you either offer to show them some properties or you go into your detailed questions, to qualify them, properly.

Sometimes they just want info, so you agree to send it to them, and they say ‘Yes’ when you suggest keeping in touch and sending them new properties as they come on the market. They are also running their own searches on Zillow and on the public version of the MLS, etc.

Quite often, they have had the same conversation with other agents, and sometimes you “win.” You start showing them properties. Sometimes they buy, but often they do not. How can you increase the chances of only showing properties to people who are more likely to buy? Is there a better way?

A Better Way

There is a better way. It might take a little extra courage to start working this way. Like anything else new, it takes a little time to get good at it. The big difference is that, now, your goal is not to arrange a showing or to get them to agree to receive more info from you. Your goal is to build commitment.

Most real estate agents don’t build commitment, they build workload in exchange for nothing very much from the caller other than name, email address, phone number, or in exchange for several hours of your time showing them homes – so you can get to know them better, and so you don’t ‘lose them’ to someone else.

Move beyond that mind-set. Build commitment and you will sell more houses. Here’s a system you can use.

  • Thank them for calling, and cover the pleasantries
  • Ask what it is about this home that they really like. If they just walk into your office, ask them if they have a particular property in mind.

When Opportunity Knocks

Let’s say they saw your yard sign, and would like to know more. Here is your opportunity to get ahead of the other Realtors they have probably also called about their listings.

  • Tell them you will be delighted (or use another powerful word) to tell them more.
  • As you do, ask them just a few qualifying questions about them and this particular listing. Only ask a few, most people object to being grilled in the first conversation.
  • Tell them you would like them to visit your office, or you will come to them, so you can learn enough to be of real service to them. If they agree, setup the appointment.
  • If they object, “Well we only want some information right now” take their thinking beyond the objection, and say that you also want them to learn a little more about you, because your goal when working with buyers is to enable them to make high quality decisions, rather than just to help them buy a house. As a true professional, you want to do two things – learn just enough, at the first meeting to be able to dig deeper into finding really suitable homes for them, and for them to see you as a truly valuable resource, not just a regular real estate agent.
  • Tell them we are only talking about 30 minutes – because that will be more than enough time for you both to decide you want to work together.

If these potential clients still do not want anything more than you spending your time in exchange for no commitment, send them some info, just like everyone else will. If they agree to your meeting – the ready, willing and able buyers probably will – you will immediately know two things:-

  • They are serious about buying, and you can be comfortable advising them, helping them to get pre-approved, selecting properties for them to look at, etc, and
  • You are ahead of the pack – no other agent has the inside track, so if they do buy, they will buy through you.

Show Your Appreciation

You might decide to add a little ‘thank you’ for agreeing to the meeting. Take them a little appreciation gift from our selection. 50% of the population will be surprised and pleased – you will have cemented your relationship straight away. 25% will wonder why you did it, but after your 30 minutes with them, they will be satisfied you are their Realtor of choice, and the gift will be appreciated. The other 25% won’t care.

This system will get you in front of more real buyers, and will help you to cement your relationship, so you will spend less time with the ‘Looky Lous’ of this world – and you will sell more houses.

We have many ideas that you can use for gifts. Use them at the first meeting, or when they have arranged their mortgage. You can also use them when they have found their perfect home. How often you show your appreciation is up to you. We just want you to succeed, and to call on us whenever you need ideas.

5 Tips to Improve Customer Retention Rates

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Studies show that it costs small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) 4-10x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. Existing customers are easier to market, require less service, and have already expressed interest in the company’s brand.

Unfortunately, though, many SMBs struggle with low customer retention rates. If this sounds familiar, check out the following tips to discourage customers from leaving your business and choosing one of your competitors.

Send Happy Birthday Messages

Who doesn’t enjoy a seeing a “happy birthday” message in their mailbox? Whether it’s direct mail or email, you can improve your business’s customer retention rates by sending happy birthday messages. You don’t have to create some highly detailed message, as simple messages often work best. Just make a note of your customers’ birthdays and send wishes when that day rolls around. Customers will appreciate this gesture, increasing your business’s retention rates and overall customer/client satisfaction.

Use a Loyalty Program

In addition to sending happy birthday messages, you can also improve customer retention rates by using a loyalty program. From Best Buy’s “Zone Rewards” to Target’s “REDcard,” thousands of businesses use this strategy to retain customers.

You can follow a similar approach with your business, offering some type of incentive for customers to buy your products and services in the future. For instance, offer customers 1 point for every dollar they spend (or any fixed amount). After customers have accumulated enough points, they can redeem for various gifts, discounts or other perks.

Find Out Why Customers are Leaving

There’s no better way for a business to improve its customer retention rates than to find out why customers are leaving in the first place. Try sending customers a satisfaction survey once every few months, asking them to rate their level of satisfaction with your business and its respective products and/or services. With this information in hand, you can make changes to your business so customers are more likely to stay.

Here are some sample questions to use in your satisfaction surveys:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or family member?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with [insert product name here]?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how fast was the [insert product name here] delivered?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to buy another product from us in the future?
  • Is there anything else we can do improve your shopping experience?

Give Customers a Gift

Of course, you can retain more customers by giving them a gift. Doing so shows that you appreciate their business — and it’s the little things like this that really leave a lasting impression. Regardless of your business’s industry/niche, gifts make an excellent, cost-effective solution to improve customer retention rates.

But don’t just give any gift. Instead, give your customers some type of branded gift so they’ll remember from who it came (your business). A branded coffee mug or box of cookies from UdeserveACookie! is an excellent choice. It’s no secret that most people love cookies and coffee, making gifts such as this perfect.

Offer ‘Come Back’ Discounts to Inactive Customers

If a customer hasn’t made a purchase in a while, there’s a chance that he or she may leave your business for good. You can try convincing them to return, however, by offering a “come back to us” discount or promotion. After a prolonged length of inactivity, for instance, send customers a promotional message offering something like 10 or 20% off their next order. Incentives such as this can turn dormant customers active again. And once they are active, customers may stick with your business.

If you’re a small business owner who wants to improve their customer retention rates, contact us today. UdeserveACookie! specializes in gourmet cookie gift boxes, coffee mugs and more. Show your customers you care by giving them one of our signature gifts.

3 Questions Home Sellers Ask and the Answers That Help You List More Properties

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Home owners who want to sell their property usually have a list of questions they want to ask each Realtor they meet with. The answers we give you here will make you stand out from the crowd. A lot of sellers meet with three potential listing agents, so they ask the same questions three times.

If you are the first Realtor they meet with, then your answers are probably new to them, and they will use your answers to compare against the other Realtors. If you are the third one, then they probably have a good idea as to what you might say.

Whether you are 1, 2 or 3 you want to impress the seller, so you can close on the listing agreement. If they say they have other Realtors to speak with, offer to call them, and cancel the appointments on the seller’s behalf. That, by the way, makes a great subsidiary question close.

OK, let’s look at those questions – and your answers.

1. What is your track record?

They ask this for obvious reasons – they want an experienced and successful agent who will get their property sold. Many Realtors answer this question by talking about the awards they have won, their overall results, and how hard they will work. Some will go straight into their listing presentation.

Successful Realtors begin answers to questions like this with “Thank you for asking” or “I’m glad you asked that.” You do this to reinforce the fact that you are on their wavelength and to get their attention. If you have a great track record, your first sentence should be specific to them and their property in some way. You might have a strong track record in their subdivision, their part of town, condos, 3-2-2 floor plans, etc. By going straight to the heart of the question you do two things:-

  • You set yourself apart from your competition
  • You take them away from the overall subject matter and bring them down to what really matters – getting their home sold

If you are a fairly new Realtor, and you don’t have a great track record, talk about your office’s track record. For example you can say “We sell a lot of condos/homes in this area/etc. My colleagues and I . . .” You can say you all work as a team, you are the leading office (if it’s true) for their kind of property, etc. So even if you, personally, don’t have much of a track record, you can still win the listing.

Even if you have only sold three properties in your entire career, you can say “My track record is that I have sold every home I’ve listed, the average number of days they were on the market was X, and the average list to sell price was Y.” You can then go on to talk about your office’s record. Those kind of specifics will impress your prospect.

2. How will you market our home?

This is a very powerful question, and one that all sellers ask in some way. Most agents have a marketing plan; you want your prospective client to know the ‘strategy’ behind your plan, so you can then explain how your plan will work. So tell your prospect that you will approach getting their home sold by using the right strategy, then you will create the plan.

Tell them that many agents have the same “quote-unquote plan that they use all the time, regardless.” Be polite and say that most agents do get properties sold, but what matters is starting with the most appropriate strategy. Tell them that really successful Realtors base their marketing strategy on their client’s goals, and that is what you will do. So, to be able to answer the question, you must know and understand their goals.

When you know their goals, you can use them in your listing presentation to explain why your plan will work best, and how you will roll out your plan. This will really make you stand out, because most Realtors tend to describe their plan, and leave it for the seller to work out how effective it will be. Do the work for the seller, and they will want you to list their property.

3. How will you price my home? or What is my home worth?

Most people make this one of their first questions. It is, of course, a very important question. It is important for your seller to understand market value, and that value is dependent on three factors:-

  • Their home’s current market value compared to similar homes (if you need to, explain the Law of Substitution just like you learned it in your pre-license course)
  • The specifics of their home – how up-to-date it is, how well maintained it is, how it will appeal to prospective buyers – “What I call the Wow! effect.” Etc
  • How soon they need it sold, because every home has a ‘sell it by tomorrow price’ a ‘sell it within the average list-to-sell time in this area price’ and a ‘sell it next year price’. When you know more about their goals, etc, you will be able to answer the question in detail. This will impress the seller because it shows you are a true professional who keeps them front and center

Explain that you will perform a comprehensive and accurate (always say ‘accurate’) market valuation. You will also compare their home with others just like it that are currently on the market (their competition) plus those that failed to sell (because they were priced wrong or perhaps not marketed effectively) and those that recently sold. This will give them a full and accurate market valuation. And you will be able to use the current average list-to-sell price, to calculate their ‘walk-away money’.

Final Note

These are three common questions that sellers ask all Realtors. These answers are not common, so they will help you to stand out from your competition. Think about them, practice variations on the answers, so they will fit any situation and you will win more listings – and sell more houses.

When you finish your listing appointment you might want to leave a small ‘Thank you’ gift for the opportunity to meet with them, and to reinforce how different you are from other Realtors. You might also want to mention that when you sell their home, they will receive a very nice closing gift. To help you plan ahead, please feel free to contact us so we can answer our questions, and help you choose the closing gifts you want to arrange for your clients.

How to Improve CSI Scores With 1 Strategy, 2 Campaigns and Many Rewards

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Every auto dealership wants the highest CSI score possible. CSI scores, for example, drive bonuses and vehicle choice – a dealership with great CSI scores is more likely to get fast-selling inventory, and that leads to higher sales. The purpose behind CSI is to build customer loyalty. Dealerships want to sell more vehicles, and those with repair and service centers want to maximize after-market business by keeping their customers coming back. CSI matters!

Manufacturers launch customer satisfaction campaigns for their franchisees, some franchisees introduce their own programs, as do non-franchise dealerships. Great CSI results deliver bonuses of different sorts for successful sales people.

Incentives work, but they are only part of the motivating process. Really successful CSI programs dig below the CSI surface to reinforce the CSI process. Long-term success boils down to three words – Strategy – Campaign – Reward. Let’s discuss each in turn.

The Strategy Behind Perfect CSI Scores

All performance results are based on the right strategy, and that strategy has to be at the core of everything showroom, support and shop staff do.

Continuous high performance boils down to a person’s Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. Individuals and teams have to know, understand, and agree with everything that comes under the term perfect performance.

If they don’t really know, they won’t really succeed.

The old problem of “How many times do I have to tell you?” is caused by individuals either not really knowing what is expected of them, not understanding why it’s expected or not agreeing with doing what’s expected.

So Step 1 of the Strategy is to get ‘KNOW’ right.

Then they have to perform – that takes skill. Skills are about practice. Great skills are based on practice plus improvement (practice does not make perfect – practice makes permanent! Only practice plus improvement leads to perfection.)

Step 2 of the Strategy is keep improving SKILLS.

People who just keep ‘trying harder’ but who don’t get a lot better, lose the desire to succeed – so the their attitude changes from “I want to be great” to “I need to ‘fix’ the result, because all that matters is my bonus.” Or their attitude changes from “I want to be great” to “I just need to be better than the other guy” If the other guy is ‘good enough’ then just better than ‘good enough’ is ‘success.’

Unfortunately this attitude does not win gold medals, and it does not deliver long-term perfect CSI scores. The right attitude reinforced by the right skills, underpinned by true knowledge is what delivers long-term success.

Step 3 of the Strategy is focus on ATTITUDE by using Steps 1 and 2.

That brings us to Campaigns.

The Underlying Campaign

This campaign is called Training – train for knowledge and building skills in order to maintain the right attitude. Many auto dealerships ‘do training.’ They do in-house training, and they send staff to specialist training centers. Some even hire in specialist trainers to make sure they ‘get it right.’

Unfortunately there is a disconnect in people’s minds between the 3-Step Strategy and the knowledge they are being taught, and the skills they are practicing. Training must clearly deliver on the philosophy behind the Strategy, and the Strategy must underlie the Training Campaign.

Dealership management can greatly improve training results by introducing simple incentives for people who show they know, who prove they understand and who demonstrate that they can perform.

If you really want to improve your dealership’s CSI scores, introduce a sequence of simple bonuses to incentivize further improvement. You can, actually, give the team certificates when they reach a certain level of knowledge, skill and attitude. You can present individuals with a Cup of Awesome or other gifts that they can display. The display will reinforce their training. It is a constant reminder to them and others about what they achieved to advance through the sequence, and to incentivize them to want to get the next award, or gift, in the sequence.

Which brings us to:-

The Real Campaign

The real campaign is designed to ensure the knowledge and skills are used perfectly in every customer encounter. Too often, after a customer buys a vehicle, the sales person asks for a perfect survey score. Customers either expect this final conversation – because that’s what dealership people do – or it comes as a surprise. In both cases, most customers do not understand how important a perfect survey result is.

You can overcome this in a very simple way. Send your customer an appreciation gift, and include a survey reminder card like the one we have below. It is a perfect opportunity to introduce the idea, the importance to the sales person and the dealership of a perfect CSI score.

Manufacturers Survey Card

Making survey reminders part of the sales experience will maximize score results because the customer actually understands the idea behind perfect performance, and they also experience it.


Dealerships management can introduce another simple rewards program for staff who help customers understand CSI, and who achieve perfect CSI scores. Simple and frequent rewards are great motivators – they are not just incentives. The quarterly bonus then becomes the icing on the cake, not just a singular event.

You can also reward the customer. If the customer has experienced great service with you, was delighted by a customer appreciation gift, and is rewarded for making referrals, then they are more likely to sing your praises to all of their friends!

Referral Card

Rewards work best when they are part of a Strategy. We want to help you create the strategy – through wonderful rewards – so you always achieve perfect CSI scores, and so you keep selling more vehicles. We would love to discuss the details with you, so please click here to contact us. We will answer your questions, explore your situation and your goals, and discuss the options we can provide.


Help Your Clients Depersonalize Their Home To Increase Its Sale Price

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As a real estate agent, you’re likely to run into a lot of homes with a unique and quirky sense of style created by the owner. While this makes the home more livable for them, it makes it a hassle to sell the home. After all, potential buyers may be turned off by these odd style quirks.

However, if you and your clients are willing to depersonalize their home before putting it on the market, you can instantly increase its value and sell it more quickly.

What Does It Mean To Depersonalize A Home?

When a family lives in a home, they do a variety of simple things to make it their own. For example, they might hang pictures of family members on the wall, bring in their own furniture, and change the wallpaper. You depersonalize a home by removing these items and replacing them with ones that suits a wider range of tastes.

Now obviously, a family is going to take pictures and furniture when they move. However, items on the house, such as the aforementioned wallpaper or the exterior siding of the home, won’t be taken. Replacing odd colored paint or wallpaper on the home will make its style more general and easier to sell.

Other items, such as exterior name signs, silly mailboxes, painted rocks, and bird baths should be removed before taking pictures of the home or showing it to any potential buyers. This will give it a more homey style that will make it more livable.

How Does This Affect A Home’s Curb Appeal?

The curb appeal of a home is a major selling point for many home buyers. If the house looks great on the outside, they are more likely to buy it. Removing quirky items from a home’s exterior immediately improves its curb value by making it appeal to a wider range of tastes.

As a result, the curb appeal of the home will rise and the home price will soar. It’s also a good idea to do a curb appeal appraisal after you depersonalize the house to catch anything that might have missed your attention. In this way, you can increase the home’s value almost instantly.

Also take time to depersonalize the interior of the home. Though this won’t directly affect the curb appeal price, it will look better in photographs. Depersonalizing a home by removing excessive interior items makes the rooms look larger in photos and during showings.

How Should You Depersonalize A Home?

Depersonalizing a home requires a little work and a few hundred dollars. Typically, depersonalizing a home is something that you and the family can do together, but experts can also be hired to do it.

While this may increase the price a few thousand dollars, it’s still worth it for the boosted sale price. Depersonalize a home by following these steps:

  • Repaint the exterior a blander color
  • Mow the lawn and remove personal yard decorations, such as lawn gnomes or pink flamingos
  • Replace bright or patterned wallpaper with non-patterned, more neutral paper
  • Remove all personal items from the home and place them in storage or, if possible, the seller’s new home
  • Put in new carpet with a neutral tone
  • Clean everything from top to bottom
  • Fix any quirky problems that the family as adjusted to, such as a crooked door, that would make a home less desirable to a buyer

Following these tips will turn your client’s home into a blank slate. This will help make it easier to find a buyer, one that is willing to pay a good price for a handsome home that they can personalize to their own needs. To learn more about this process and other real estate tips, please contact us today.

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Selling Real Estate: Tips For the Agent

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Selling real estate is far from easy. It’s often even harder to sell other people’s properties. Of course, selling real estate for others is one of the biggest jobs of a real estate agent. Every real estate agent, no matter how long they’ve been in the business, can always improve a little more. New agents have even more room to grow. Because of the nature of the business, the smallest things can mean the difference between failure and success. Here are a few helpful tips for selling more real estate.

Be responsive

This is one of the most important qualities of a great real estate agent. No matter what marketing methods you use, the potential buyer will almost always be the one to initiate contact. Whether they contact you through e-mail, phone, or some other method, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. If you receive the contact during a weekday, respond immediately if at all possible. Even during the evenings or over the weekends, try to stay connected, and do your best to respond within five to ten minutes. So much of the real estate world follows the “first come, first served” system. Even a five-minute delay in your response can allow another agent to sneak in and steal your sale.

Some agents set up automatic responses. This will send a prewritten response to anyone who sends you an e-mail. Although this idea is worth considering, be aware that these types of e-mails can be very impersonal, and can also be frustrating in some cases.

Be personal

No one wants to talk to a computer. The more friendly you are, the more people will want to work with you. Get to know their situation as much as you can. Remember everything they tell you about their life, whether or not it is related to real estate. People are more likely to buy something, even real estate, from someone they consider to be a friend.

Be flexible

Potential buyers will also appreciate flexibility. This is especially true when it comes to viewing properties. As much as you can, be willing to help people out during evenings and weekends. People will understand if you have other appointments, of course, but if you’re free, offer to meet potential buyers whenever is convenient for them.

Thorough communication

Obviously, you don’t want to annoy your clients, but keeping buyers posted about a property they are interested in isn’t likely to annoy them. Most buyers will appreciate any information you give them, even if it comes often. Another great way to make sure you stay on your buyers’ good sides is to be personal with your communication. Sending a list of properties available to everyone on your e-mail list will only get you marked as spam, but letting one or two buyers know separately that a house similar to what they’re looking for is on the market will be appreciated.

It’s also good to be available through whatever method the buyer contacts you. If they call you, call them back, but if they e-mail, be willing to communicate as much as possible through e-mail.

Use the internet

This is another very important thing to pay attention to. Make sure you are using the internet to its full potential. Post any properties for sale on appropriate websites. Make sure to build your own website if you haven’t already, and take steps to insure that it appears at the top of search results. People look for properties in all sorts of ways. Make sure you’re available to help no matter where they start.

Looking for more real estate sales tips? Contact us! We’re here to help.

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Throw A Client Appreciation Party To Expand Your Business

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As a realtor, you work with a wide range of clients and customers who may or may not appreciate your hard work. However, you can show them that you care by throwing a client or customer appreciation party.

What Is A Client Appreciation Party?

A customer appreciation party is a day-long event that realtors hold to let their clients know that they appreciate their business. The party format is pretty simple: you include hors dourves that can be munched on while your clients mingle; an official meet-and-greet; and a variety of fun events for entertainment.

Why Throw A Customer Appreciation Party?

Client appreciation parties are a multi-pronged affair. First of all, you are showing your customers that you care about their business. Going this extra mile will make them appreciate you as a realtor and will help them be more willing to turn to you in the future for real estate deals.

However, a good customer appreciation party is also a platform for you to find potential sales. No, you shouldn’t come at people like a salesman or try to talk people into buying something they don’t need. But mingling with past and potential future customers can open up great business opportunities.

Who Do You Throw It For?

There are many people to invite to your customer appreciation party. Each of them should be carefully chosen in order to ensure that your party promotes appreciation and helps you find leads for future business. People to invite include:

  • Individuals who have purchased homes from you
  • Businesses that have helped set up purchases for you
  • Owners of multiple pieces of property you’ve sold
  • Landlords that help run rental properties

While you should genuinely attempt to show appreciation to your customers, you also need to remember that you’re trying to find leads. And finding even one or two sales should pay for the party.

Where Can You Host It?

There are many places you can host a customer appreciation party. If you already own your own meeting area, host it there to save on money. If you don’t, it’s worth checking into one of the following venues. These places can be rented out for a day and often include a variety of amenities, such as kitchens and stages for events. They include:

  • Community centers
  • Casinos
  • Outdoor parks
  • Sports venues
  • Restaurants
  • Wine bars
  • Luxury hotels

Typically, the nicer the venue, the more appreciated your customers will feel. So don’t hesitate to go all out on this one. And make sure to include gifts for everyone that arrives, such as a cookie gift box or something similar. Though a small gesture, it’s one that they will appreciate.

What Type Of Events Should I Schedule?

A customer appreciation party should follow a simple schedule that includes a variety of events. This helps make your party memorable. Try to follow this simple guideline for maximum effectiveness:

  1. Official meet and greet – Here, your customers can mingle with each other and expand their potential business reach.
  2. Dinner – A three-course dinner is perfect for this event, including multiple dishes and some type of entertainment, such as a small band.
  3. Raffles – Nothing shows more appreciation than holding a raffle for nice items, such as drills or fondue sets. Your customers will feel like you truly care and they’ll appreciate you even more.
  4. Entertainment – Dancing is always a fun (and relatively inexpensive) way to entertain your guests, but you can also integrate comedians and other fun events to give your customers a good night.
  5. Send-off – When the party is over, plan some kind of slide-show event that integrates thoughtful messages and pictures of your satisfied customers. This will help them feel loved.

As you can see, customer appreciation parties offer a wide range of advantages to your business that you simply can’t pass up. To learn more about boosting customer appreciation and other engaging topics, please contact us today.

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4 Really Powerful Real Estate Marketing Tips

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How many new leads do you want this month? Two? Five? Fifteen?

If you sold two more homes next month than you did this month, would you be happy? Would you rather sell four more? And what if you carried some of those new leads over to the month after and sold another four?

This article is about how you can be really effective in your marketing. It’s about how you can use what you know, use what you have and get great results. If you do marketing now – just build these ideas in to what you are already doing. If you have been relying on floor time and open houses to get your leads, just start here and launch your marketing.

Marketing Tip #1

If this article was a marketing piece, not a blog, and we wanted to grab your attention, how did we do? If you’re reading this sentence, then we did OK. And to achieve our objective of getting you to keep reading, we used one of the great marketing techniques that has stood the test of time:-

  • We asked you a specific question about you and what you do. “How many new leads do you want this month?” OK? Not a general question, not a question that doesn’t mean much, but a question that hits you where you live – leads that result in selling properties
  • We answered the question for you with more questions that should have engaged your imagination, and your desire to succeed “Two? Five? Fifteen?” Most Realtors would be happy with two extra leads but we went as far as fifteen – a number that very few Realtors can match but, because we said it, it implies that we have ways to get you that many. If you relish the idea of fifteen new leads, then we engaged your mind, your memory, your imagination and your emotions.

That is the most basic, the most essential, the most powerful marketing technique known to Man (and Woman) so, when you write your own marketing pieces – ask a powerful question to engage your reader. If you want Buyer leads, ask a buyer question that will make them sit up and take notice. If you want Seller leads ask a seller question that gets them to sit up and take notice.

Marketing Tip #2

Offer your prospect something of value. ‘Free’ is one of the most powerful words in marketing (others include ‘special’ ‘limited’ ‘immediately’ ‘now’ and so on. Use power words – we’ll stick with ‘free’ for now. Everybody likes free stuff.

Now here’s the thing, you don’t give it away – you exchange it. Tell your Buyer or your Seller readers that if they do (what you want them to do) they will get (the free thing)

So, after you have their attention because of your great question, now you can offer them, say a free gift box of cookies or a free mug with a picture on it of – well you decide what would make people in your city or your subdivision say “I want one.”

Now, to get the gift basket or the mug, they have to give you their contact details – fair exchange. They get a free gift and you get name and email address.  Now here’s the really clever part:-

Marketing Tip #3

Tell them they can pick up their gift at your Open House (give the place, date, time) or at the seminar on how to buy or sell. If they cannot attend your presentation, ask for their address because you will be delighted to bring it round. This works great if your marketing piece is aimed right at your farm area.

Why? Because, now, you have name, email address, phone number and their home address plus an invitation to go round and meet them. They get a free gift and you get a new lead. Even if they are just a ‘Looky Lou’ at this stage, you have a better relationship with them (and, eventually, their family, neighbors, friends and colleagues) than any of your competitors.

Marketing Tip #4

Follow up and keep in touch. Now you have the contact you must keep it active. If they are actively thinking about buying or selling, you have your ‘this month’s new leads’. If not, then the next email or note they get from you can be asking them to send you a photograph of, or a comment from, the person they gave the gift to. Give them some real estate news or ask them to comment on your seminar or open house presentation, so you can make it better next time. By keeping in touch over useful, pleasant and personal things, you will build a relationship. And you will become their Realtor of choice – for themselves or for whoever they refer to you.

We have a lot of ideas to help you to market yourself and your services, so, if you would like to learn more about our products please contact us by clicking here and we will help you get those leads.

And remember – at the moment you will get 30% off your first order – but hurry, this may not last long!

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