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4 Really Powerful Real Estate Marketing Tips

real estate marketing tips

How many new leads do you want this month? Two? Five? Fifteen?

If you sold two more homes next month than you did this month, would you be happy? Would you rather sell four more? And what if you carried some of those new leads over to the month after and sold another four?

This article is about how you can be really effective in your marketing. It’s about how you can use what you know, use what you have and get great results. If you do marketing now – just build these ideas in to what you are already doing. If you have been relying on floor time and open houses to get your leads, just start here and launch your marketing.

Marketing Tip #1

If this article was a marketing piece, not a blog, and we wanted to grab your attention, how did we do? If you’re reading this sentence, then we did OK. And to achieve our objective of getting you to keep reading, we used one of the great marketing techniques that has stood the test of time:-

  • We asked you a specific question about you and what you do. “How many new leads do you want this month?” OK? Not a general question, not a question that doesn’t mean much, but a question that hits you where you live – leads that result in selling properties
  • We answered the question for you with more questions that should have engaged your imagination, and your desire to succeed “Two? Five? Fifteen?” Most Realtors would be happy with two extra leads but we went as far as fifteen – a number that very few Realtors can match but, because we said it, it implies that we have ways to get you that many. If you relish the idea of fifteen new leads, then we engaged your mind, your memory, your imagination and your emotions.

That is the most basic, the most essential, the most powerful marketing technique known to Man (and Woman) so, when you write your own marketing pieces – ask a powerful question to engage your reader. If you want Buyer leads, ask a buyer question that will make them sit up and take notice. If you want Seller leads ask a seller question that gets them to sit up and take notice.

Marketing Tip #2

Offer your prospect something of value. ‘Free’ is one of the most powerful words in marketing (others include ‘special’ ‘limited’ ‘immediately’ ‘now’ and so on. Use power words – we’ll stick with ‘free’ for now. Everybody likes free stuff.

Now here’s the thing, you don’t give it away – you exchange it. Tell your Buyer or your Seller readers that if they do (what you want them to do) they will get (the free thing)

So, after you have their attention because of your great question, now you can offer them, say a free gift box of cookies or a free mug with a picture on it of – well you decide what would make people in your city or your subdivision say “I want one.”

Now, to get the gift basket or the mug, they have to give you their contact details – fair exchange. They get a free gift and you get name and email address.  Now here’s the really clever part:-

Marketing Tip #3

Tell them they can pick up their gift at your Open House (give the place, date, time) or at the seminar on how to buy or sell. If they cannot attend your presentation, ask for their address because you will be delighted to bring it round. This works great if your marketing piece is aimed right at your farm area.

Why? Because, now, you have name, email address, phone number and their home address plus an invitation to go round and meet them. They get a free gift and you get a new lead. Even if they are just a ‘Looky Lou’ at this stage, you have a better relationship with them (and, eventually, their family, neighbors, friends and colleagues) than any of your competitors.

Marketing Tip #4

Follow up and keep in touch. Now you have the contact you must keep it active. If they are actively thinking about buying or selling, you have your ‘this month’s new leads’. If not, then the next email or note they get from you can be asking them to send you a photograph of, or a comment from, the person they gave the gift to. Give them some real estate news or ask them to comment on your seminar or open house presentation, so you can make it better next time. By keeping in touch over useful, pleasant and personal things, you will build a relationship. And you will become their Realtor of choice – for themselves or for whoever they refer to you.

We have a lot of ideas to help you to market yourself and your services, so, if you would like to learn more about our products please contact us by clicking here and we will help you get those leads.

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