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4 Real Estate Sales Tips You Need To Know

By October 7, 2016 October 27th, 2016 Real Estate

While the motto of “Always Be Closing” is good to keep in mind, it’s important to remember there’s more to selling real estate than a can-do attitude. Of course, if you keep some of these tips from Realtor For Dummies, and InMan in mind, you’re going to see a lot more houses finding new owners under your watch.

4 Real Estate Sales Tips You Need to Know

Tip #1: Match Your Client To Their Ideal Property

Every client is different, and it’s your job to figure out who they are, and what they need. You need to be able to draw the details out of your clients to find out what will satisfy their needs. Do they have a certain budget they can’t go outside of? Do they have a family? Are they looking for a place that’s local, or somewhere that’s a little more remote and private? If you want to make a sale, then you need to show your clients something that fits their needs to a T. Even if it’s just someone who shows up at an open house, talk to them. Even if the current house isn’t to their liking, you might have a different property that’s just what they need.

Tip #2: Get Online

In the old days, shoe leather and hand shaking were some of your best tools. While they’re still useful today, you’ll make more sales if you get online. You need to have a website, but you should also make yourself as easy to reach as possible. Get on social media, network with clients, and make sure that you’re easy to find. In today’s market it’s entirely possible for you to seal a deal without actually meeting someone until it’s time to sign the papers.

Tip #3: Learn The Neighborhood, As Well As The Property

People who move into an area want to know what they’re getting into. As such, you need to be able to quote more than just the statistics about the property. You need to know what sort of neighborhood it’s in. That means knowing where the schools are, what events happen, how close the shops are, what they weather tends to be like, and even knowing the neighbors someone is going to have. If you can talk about a property like you’ve lived there, you’re one step closer to selling it.

Tip #4: Earn Your Clients’ Trust

A big part of making a sale is realizing that your clients are buying you, just as surely as they’re buying a property. That means you have to do everything to make your client feel at ease, and you have to make yourself look and sound like an expert. Part of that comes from getting the facts about any properties you’re selling, so you can be an engaging tour guide for your client. Your appearance, your tone of voice, and your ability to keep up your end of commitments (doing what you say you’re going to do) all factor into how much your client trusts you.

Without that trust, you are never going to be able to close a sale.

Being a real estate agent isn’t easy. It takes time, dedication, and a constant need to be closing. But if you can keep up with the pace, and earn your clients’ trust, there’s no limit to how high your success can reach. For more real estate sales tips to help you fulfill your potential, all you have to do is contact us today.

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